Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New and improved.

I have been drawing quite a lot lately and I thought it would be exciting to show you some of my improved (well, that's what I think) drawings.

What I do with these drawings is get some inspiration from my Pinterest boards because I'm running out of ideas. I'm getting into making the names arty and neat too. Anyways this girls name is Cindi.

These Cutie Patootie's are so cute. I copied these gorgeous Blythes from my Pinterest.

This next girls name is Milly. I think I made her eyes a bit too big, but that's ok bigger is better and adds more character, yes?

I love this next girls hair, she is so cute and her name is Lily-Anne.

I have never drawn a Totes Bad Ass Gangster before, so I thought "Why not?" I even added "Totes' to her hat.

This girl looks like she is falling, but she ain't out of style. Her name is Baby

I've always wanted long pink hair put into Gwenie braids. This girl named Kitty has exactly that but with a rockin' outfit to match. I don't know what it is about the name Kitty, I've always loved it. Maybe because I have an obsession with cats.

And now the girl to finish this post off, her name is Milly and I have just noticed that I have already named one girl Milly. I 'm running out of names, does anybody know of any I could use?

Happy drawing.

Watercolour madness!

I loooove watercolours, I love it how the paint is drippy and watery and stuff. I have the paints, good watercolour paper and a splash of imagination and creativity. Now, I'm all set for some serious watercolouring.

This sexy cutie is wearing a Minnie Mouse hair bow, a purple tight dress and some red pumps. I haven't come up with a name for her yet. Maybe Milly again?

I thought it would be pretty clever if I drew someone with a fro and had it dripping down the page. This was my first watercolour and she looks pretty creepy, but I like that in a girl.

One other thing I love about cats, Is when they are wearing clothes. OH MY GOD! SO ADORABLE!

Happy watercolouring.

Famous Awesomes.

I really enjoy drawing celebrities. People draw them in different ways, so I thought I would try to draw them my own way. I am very happy with them.

Who knows Haysi Fantayzee? Well I am very in love with them and their Raggamuffin style. Also, don't forget to mention the music. Anyways, since I feel I can't draw boys as good as girls, I have decided to have a crack at drawing Kate Garner in this famous photo.

I love Lady Gaga, especially in this wikedly rad outfit. Just had to Edie-fy it.

Now this is one of my favourites. CYNDI LAUPER! I think it looks just like her. I spent a bit of time on this one. I wanted it to look perfect, so it get's into the gallery of Radicalnessnessness. Haha :)

This is a watercolour of Janelle Monae. She is so awesome right now in my world, I think she is a totes awesome performer. I am currently going under some serious lyric learning.

To finish this post off, I will attempt to amaze you (as I have) with Janelle Monae performing live on Jools Holland.

P.S I have watched this video over a MILLION times.

Happy Drawing.